Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

We work with leading Plastic Surgeons who provide a whole range of cosmetic procedures from breast augmentation through to reconstructive surgery.

Simply contact one of our helpful team today to book your initial consultation, during which one of our Surgeons will talk you through the options available and advise if a surgical procedure is right for you.

All our initial consultations for Cosmetic Surgery are prices at £150.

If you decide to go forward with a procedure, we work with several private hospitals where your Surgeon will perform your operation, giving you a choice of date, convenience and cost.  All of your outpatient care, including follow up appointments, are provided by our experience and friendly nursing team from our clinic in Salisbury.

Should you feel that a non-surgical option might better suit you, we offer free, no obligation aesthetic consultations – simply contact us to book.

For more information on our Surgeons visit our specialists page.

What procedures do we offer?

Our surgeons are both Cosmetic Specialists and can provide a whole range of surgical options to help remove excess skin, lift and augment breasts, remove fat and re-shape noses.

We don’t undertake major surgical procedures from our clinic, but work with several private hospitals to give you a choice of date, cost and convenience.

Your Surgeon will always undertake your procedure, regardless of which hospital you choose.

In the section below, you’ll find a range of guide prices, if you can’t see a procedure listed please give our team a call for more information.

Cosmetic Surgery – guide prices

The prices below are shown as a guide – the final cost of the surgery can depend on several factors including the complexity of the procedure which varies from patient to patient:

  • Initial Consultation – £150
  • Breast Augmentation – from £4,600
  • Abdominoplasty – from £2,900
  • Face lift – from £6,700
  • Blepharoplasty – from £2,900
  • Rhinoplasty – from £4,100
  • Liposuction – from £3,600


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