Rewarding Loyalty

Introducing our new loyalty scheme...

We’re committed to rewarding our loyal customers and have launched a new loyalty points scheme. We’ll automatically give you 100 bonus points when you sign up below – giving you a £10 discount off any future purchase.

How does the loyalty scheme work?

  1. Points are awarded based on total spending in any one transaction. For every £100 (or multiple thereof) you spend you’ll receive 50 loyalty points.
  2. Each 10 points has a notional value of £1
  3. Once your points are calculated and credited you can spend them on any transaction you like up to 12 months after the points were originally awarded. Please note you don’t earn points on any transaction where points are redeemed to settle part or all of the purchase price.
  4. Points can be spent on any of the following:
    • Any services or products offered by the Salisbury Cosmetic and Beauty Clinic, including beauty treatments and Medic8 products
    • Gift Vouchers for services offered by the Salisbury Cosmetic and Beauty Clinic
    • This excludes any other services provided by Medcentres
  5. Points have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for a cash equivalent.
  6. You can ask to stop participating in the loyalty scheme at any time. Any accumulated points will be available for three calendar months following your request to stop participating in the scheme.

Example: Customer A spends £160 on a treatment. They receive a credit of 50 points to their loyalty account. The next time they come in they spend £220 and earn 100 points. They then come in at a later date and choose to spend their points on a Medik8 product receiving a £15 discount.

Our Loyalty Scheme terms and conditions can be found here.