Cosmetic Wise

Be Cosmetic Wise

Did you know?

The Cosmetic and Aesthetic industry is largely unregulated (surgery is the exception).

For example no formal qualification is needed for a therapist to give wrinkle reducing injections or facial fillers.

Whilst there are many reputable and well qualified practitioners, there are also some who in our view do not meet acceptable standards.

We are committed to providing safe and effective services for our clients and patients. We recommend all patients and customers who are considering cosmetic or aesthetic treatments ask the following questions and ensure they are well informed and above all: Be Cosmetic Wise.

How do I ensure that my treatment is safe?

1. Safety – reputable, insured practitioners, fit for purpose facilities

Take time to find a reputable practitioner who is properly qualified and practices in a clean and safe environment. Ask the practitioner what you should do if something goes wrong. They should also ensure a full medical history check is obtained and and make sure you have enough information to make an informed decision for each and every treatment.

Always ask if the service and the clinician (or therapist) is insured for the work they are undertaking. Insurance doesn’t always just relate to the type of work but the value of work an individual undertakes.

We will always be happy to demonstrate our services are fully insured.

Any facilities where procedures are undertaken should be regulated, cleaned and comply with infection control best practice.

Our building has been inspected by the CQC (Care Quality Commission) and was designed specifically for our use.

Infection control is fundamental wherever procedures are undertaken, and applies to basic hygiene and the correct disposal of medical equipment (such as needles).

2. Experience & Qualifications – appropriately qualified, well trained and experienced

There are many therapists who have a wealth of experience, however we only work with cosmetic specialists who are medically qualified (a nurse, doctor or surgeon). This is because no matter the individual skill of the practitioner all procedures come with a risk of complication. Without medical experience it cannot only be difficult to recognise the initial signs of complications but also to manage them.

Our clinicians are always delighted to talk to you about their experience, training and qualifications. Collectively our team has over 50 years’ experience in cosmetic procedures with 1000s of happy patients.

3. Support – access to a team of clinicians who work together to provide the best possible services.

In our view services are always best provided by a team who can review and support each other and bring collective experience to patient care. This ensures that you get the best advice and outcomes. It also means that if you weren’t happy with a procedure you can be reviewed by another clinician.

Medical professionals are also bound by regulations and have a duty to protect their patients. This means any treatment carried out by them will be medically supported.

4. Quality – best possible medicines, high quality machines and equipment.

It may surprise you that there are no set standards for the multitude of different machines and pieces of equipment that are offered for sale. Lasers for hair removal can differ in cost from less than £5,000 to over £50,000.

In our view clinics should always be prepared to explain why they use a piece of equipment and where they sourced it from. At best cheap equipment simply doesn’t deliver results and at worst it can cause patients harm.

All of our equipment is reviewed by our clinical team, and we only use equipment or medicines that are recommended by professionals and offer proven results.